Counselling Services


Individual counselling support is available for child and youth victims 18 years and younger. Our counsellors and therapists provide support in a variety of modalities, including art, and expressive therapies, play-based interventions, trauma-informed cognitive behavioural therapy, and other therapeutic interventions. With young children, sessions often include their caregiver. Our counsellors and therapists offer individual or group support to parents/caregivers to strengthen family connection after trauma and may include family counselling as needed.  Group counselling is offered based on availability and client need.  Past groups have included Youth Trauma Group, Parenting through Trauma, and Safety Skills for preschool and young children. 

Sexual Abuse Intervention Program (SAIP)

This counselling program is designed for children and youth 18 years and under where sexual abuse is suspected or confirmed and/or for children under 12 with sexual behavior problems.  Located in downtown Victoria, SAIP therapeutic services are available for children, youth and families living within the Greater Victoria Area.  Children, youth, families, and community service providers can provide referrals.

Other regional SAIP program services are available at Pacific Centre Family Services Association (located on the Westshore) and Hulitan Family and Community Services Society (located in Victoria with services available for Aboriginal children, youth, and families).​ 

Youth with Sexual Behaviour Problems Program (YwSBP)

The Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD) supports a specialized program which allows eligible youth 12-18 to access individual counselling that includes family support to address sexual behaviour problems for non-adjudicated youth. All referrals for this program must go through MCFD Child and Youth Mental Health Gatekeeper. 

Other Forms of Trauma (OFT)

When funding is available, VCAPCC provides individual and family support for children and youth and their families who have experienced other forms of trauma including physical & emotional abuse. Trauma counselling support is available for children, youth, and families living within the Greater Victoria Area (including Westshore and Sooke). Children, youth, families, and service providers can provide referrals.