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Welcome to the Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre

Welcome to the Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling CentreWelcome to the Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre

Formerly The Mary Manning Centre

Our Vision

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

A safe and healthy community for children and families

Our Mission

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

 VCAPCC responds to children, youth and families affected by sexual abuse and other trauma, by providing victim services, counselling, prevention and education within the Greater Victoria community, and consultation throughout British Columbia. 

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that children, youth and their families have the capacity to heal from the effects of child abuse and maltreatment when appropriately supported by their family, community and through the services they receive.  

Community Support


The on-going process and dialogue of truth and reconciliation between Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous helpers and service providers is a primary consideration for the staff of the Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre (VCAPCC). We strive to honour the history, knowledge, teachings, and wishes of the communities with whom we work and whose stolen land on which we have settled. We at the VCAPCC want to express our deepest condolences to the people of the 'Na̱mg̱is First Nation in Alert Bay, British Columbia for the loss of one of their community Elders. As traditional and cultural knowledge keepers, Elders are sacred to their people and communities and this loss is bound to profoundly effect their Nation and Peoples. We humbly and respectfully offer our condolences and our support to all the Indigenous children, youth and families whom have been affected by this loss. 

-The Executive Directors and Staff of the VCAPCC


Take a look at our most recent bi-weekly newsletter where our counsellors offer resources and insight for coping during the pandemic.

Our office is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic

Please take a moment to read our letter that outlines the actions we will be taking during the coronavirus pandemic and the strategies we are developing to best support you. This information will be updated as the situation changes.

COVID 19 letterVCAPCC March 17th (pdf)


A Message From Our Executive Director

"Every day we want to say thank you to the First Responders and to those who are working so hard to help us during these difficult times. Today, I want to do a shout out to my staff at the Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counseling Center. They have, without even a nod, taken their work home with them and set up online counselling and support for their clients. Both the clinical staff and victim services are moving ahead and working in this new way. Not only are they doing that but they're managing children who are not at school, helping their families who are not able to get out to do their own shopping and experiencing concern for family who live far away. Yet despite all that they're still here and they're still doing their job. I feel so lucky to be a part of this amazing team. All of you are superheroes, thank you so much."

-Sandra Bryce, Executive Director

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Child abuse hurts the child, the family and society. It is not just an individual problem but a family and social problem. Society, including each community, has an obligation to respond to the problem of child abuse. The Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre is a non-profit organization providing a response in our community. Click here to learn more about us.



We hold a wide variety of resources for both youth and caregivers including videos, apps, handbooks, websites and more. Click here to browse.


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We are incredibly fortunate the have the support of several organizations and individuals in our community. Click here to see who has generously donated to our organization and see how you can help us enhance our ability to provide critically needed services to children and families affected by abuse.


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