Indigenous Programming

Services will be offered in manner that respects individual needs, cultural traditions, and knowledges. Clients and their families may choose to weave in traditional Indigenous teachings into therapy and/or can also choose from Western methods of trauma therapy. Our intention is to create safety and trust, through building therapeutic relationships that honour inclusivity and collaboration between our counsellors and the children, youth, and families with whom they work. 


To provide culturally appropriate and relevant trauma and abuse counselling, intervention programming, and support services to Indigenous children, youth, and families. 



The on-going process and dialogue of truth and reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous helpers and service providers is a primary consideration for the staff of the VCAPCC. We strive to honour the history, knowledge, teachings, and wishes of the communities with whom we work. Therefore, we are providing programming for Indigenous children, youth, and families, provided by counsellors who are also Indigenous persons.

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To get more information regarding Indigenous Programming, click below to check out our Indigenous Programming brochure